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A tour guide is somebody who interacts with the tourists during their stay in the target country, makes sure they have good time, introduces the areas being visited, helps them in any difficult situations, protects their rights, makes the travel organization run smoothly, and is the person with the education necessary to guide and who behaves according to the ethical rules and standards.


A tour guide needs certain knowledge and abilities in order to

be able to organize the tour well
be a true leader for the group
keep the audience's attention as much as possible
represent his/her country well
have an outgoing personality and be good at human relations
have very good communication skills
exemplify the country and the culture through his/her personality
understand and be sensitive to other cultures
be able to show his/her hospitality well
be full of information on almost every subject
have the power to interpret the sights well
know how to make sure he/she is understood
be able to cope with difficult questions
be good at story telling and bringing a place back to life
have good sense of humor
have a knowledge of first-aid
update all his/her knowledge constantly
dress well and appropriately
have good working relationships with the fellow guides and the drivers
be full of business ethics and protect both the customers and the company that he/she works for


Tour Guiding is not a job with a high income
Tour Guides frequently work very hard for what they earn
Tour Guiding

has very long working hours
is very often a seasonal job
involves physical as well as mental work
often has very little retirement security or health insurance


In order to be successful
a tour guide needs to gain psychological satisfaction from the work


It is the tour guide who makes or breaks the tour 

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